Tim Washington, 47 yrs, Business Consultant

Sujatha is positively unique, having overcome problems in her own life she is now dedicated to helping others. Using Energy Psychology tools, her innate understanding and ability to connect with others she has helped me personally come to terms with some deep emotional issues. Prior to receiving the therapy I was battling low energy and a distinct lack of focus in relation to this personal issue that for years had consumed my private life. After only just 2 sessions I could immediately sense a return of my former self and an increase in drive and much needed energy. If you are seeking help in dealing with the stresses and strains of life I can recommend that you get in touch and give Energy Psychology sessions with Sujatha a try. Do it before life becomes intolerable or tips you over the edge!!

Katharina Seidler, 38 yrs, Therapist

The online sessions with Sujatha have been really helpful, she is very insightful and has a calm and positive way, and I felt well supported as we worked through some very emotional issues. I always feel relieved, stronger and more grounded and positive when I have a session with her, and I have resolved some emotional and health issues that I have been carrying around all my life. Thank you so much, Sujatha!

Axel Eriksson, 24 yrs, Entrepreneur

I first got in touch with Sujatha because we both are entrepreneurs. Shortly thereafter, I attended her open mindfulness -and meditation classes that she hosted over the summer 2016. Normally I find it challenging to sit still without doing anything, but Sujatha made it easy for me to find peace and calmness in my mind and body with her guided meditation. Guided meditation and mindfulness with Sujatha is both relaxing and calming, regardless at which level you are at then you will find it easy to follow along.

Sarah, 27 yrs, Communications Strategist

After months of fatigue, lack of energy, apathy, worry and stress, I chose to do sessions in Energy Psychology with Sujatha. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the core issue of my symptoms were, and hence couldn’t get rid of them. But during the sessions, Sujatha were able to identify my limiting beliefs that I carried subconsciously, but which clearly influenced my health, well-being and everyday life.  She introduced me to a powerful tool and I was able to neutralize and dissolve these underlying limiting beliefs.  For the first time in long, I had gotten rid of something that had weighed heavy on me for long. After the sessions, I felt a peace, a freedom and a higher level of consciousness. Sujatha is professional, has a humble approach and provides trust.

Ulrika, President, Ystads fibromyalgia

On November 28th, 2016, at Ystad’s fibromyalgia association we had the great honor of listening to Sujatha’s story. A story that captivated us emotionally. Got an ‘aha’ experience that our inner, subconscious thoughts control us as much as they do. Interesting -that with The Map of Consciousness- and how negative thoughts and feelings, such as guilt and shame, are linked with our physical condition, including physical pains and aches.

I experience Sujatha as an engaged, inspiring and energetic speaker. Could have listened to her for more hours, but time rushed quickly. We thank her for a wonderful, instructive evening with much inspiration and many thoughts. That we must learn to accept the pain and to learn to love ourselves the way we are.

Gör ett val idag. Kontakt