About my Consciousness 1:1 Sessions

I use a curious approach when I work with my clients. That means I ask a lot of questions so we get to the root of the problem that challenges you. This can either be a limiting belief, an energetic responsibility you have taken on, lack of self-love, or an energetic blockage. Through powerful tools within Energy Psychology and mantras, will your world completely change! I happened to myself, and I’ve seen it happen in others. I invite you to embark on a journey with me. Are you ready?

My consciousness coaching stems from the successful consciousness researcher, psychiatrist, and spiritual teacher, David R Hawkins, who studied the human consciousness and its relationship to human emotions explained through advanced mathematics and quantum physics. His research resulted in a systematic map of human emotions called Map of Consciousness.

Just as Dr hawkins, I use applied kinesiology as a tool to verify limiting beliefs and blockages that weigh you down. When needed, I incorporate emotional freedom technique (EFT), NLP, meditations, and mantas in our sessions. 

Additional to the Release method, is RSY coachingen and therapy made up of other tools:

  • The Cancel Limiting Beliefs method

  • Love-Forgivness meditation (also called Ho’oponopono)

  • The Responsability Method

  • The Surrender Method

This is the unique mix of tools is what makes up the RSY-coaching and therapy. 

In ReSource Yourself© 1:1 sessions, the Map of Consciousness in applied in the following ways:

  • To find the subconscious blockages, stuck energy, and mental programs that are currently present in the body.

  • To verify which is the lowest energy connected to the wording that makes it a true negative reality for the client.

  • For me to know and understand which level of consciousness the client is at. Becasue then I know what situations, perspectives, challenges and mental patterns you get stuck in.

  • I use Emotional Kinesiology as a quality check in the sessions for better accuracy.

Hence, as a result, you will feel better, have more energy, experience everyday life as easier, and you will have a richer life! Please feel free to read previous clients testimonials here.

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