Therapy & Coaching Program for
Sensitive Gifted Souls


Coaching & Energy Psychology

Do you unwantedly take on with other people’s negative energy and emotions? Do you get angry or sad without knowing why? Are you frustrated with yourself? Can other people’s negative emotions sometimes give you physical symptoms?  Do you feel drained after having been out and social for a few hours? Do you need to take time to yourself to “charge your batteries”? Do you feel frustrated being strong one day and weak another?

What will I learn?
In the sessions you will learn powerful tools within Energy Psychology to feel more balanced in your everyday life. You will learn how to separate and give back emotions that belong to other persons, you will learn and practice self-love, make boundaries to the outside world, you will get a deeper understanding of yourself and feel more at peace with yourself.  We will do this by working on real scenarios in your life. We will look at what limiting beliefs you have created for yourself and neutralize them. We will look at trapped and blocked emotions and dissolve them. We will look at different Energy Psychology tool that works best for you so that you can eventually go off feeling equipped to manage on your own.

How to know if this is for me?
Not only do you want to live a more balanced life, you want to thrive in life! You want to learn how to handle the ocean of emotions and how you feel about them, and faster overcome challenges. Feel more confident, and grounded. Heal the past, and learn tools to handle everyday challenges due to your sensitivity. You are ready to invest in yourself long term. You are ready to learn, work and make a positive shift in your life.

Anything else I will receive?

Yes. You will get access to my uniquely customized training videos, scripts and meditations where needed. Anything to support you to grow and for you to reach your goals and thrive in life. This may include getting “homework” in between sessions.

Each session is approx 80 min. You can choose from:

  • 4 session, weekly – 7’600 SEK (or $949)

  • 6 sessions, weekly – 10’800 SEK (or $1320)

  • 8 sessions, weekly or bi-weekly – 13’600 SEK (or $1660)

  • 10 sessions – weekly/bi-weekly 15’000 SEK (or $1879)

Get in touch and we can discuss in depth the details and your specific needs and wishes.

*Payment plans are available.

**All coaching takes place online through Skype or Zoom Meetings.

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