My “WHY”:

As a result of being bullied and suppressed feelings of shame and non-worthiness for years as a child, I one day noticed that my left foot stopped functioning fully. Doctors couldn’t help and I was left in the dark not knowing how to deal with life in a completely new way when my dreams of becoming a professional dancer died. For ten years life was a struggle with frustration, shame, guilt, sadness, hopelessness and anger. I even developed bulimia. But after years, I was able to cure myself.

It wasn’t until my life crumbled apart, in my mid-twenties, due to an induced physical injury that I completely hit rock-bottom that I life finally took a turn. I met an Energy Psychologist. Over the course of the next few years the mindset and the tools of Energy Psychology re-built me, empowered me, raised my vibration, and TRANSFORMED my entire life!

Because I still live with the psychosomatic limitation in my foot and later also in my right hand, I keep on searching and evolving my knowledge to understand the human psyche and consciousness to uncover the TRUTH and heal myself. In this process, I want to share with YOU all that I have learnt so far that has made me live a happier, more balanced and empowered life.

The problem isn't actually the problem, its how you hold the experience in mind.

Sujatha Kristensen


When my hands lost their muscular endurance, my life radically changed. And I had to make a decision. A decision whether to feel and act like the victim OR do something about it. I chose the second, to do something about it. I found solutions to everyday challenges such as dictating instead of typing, sending voice messages instead of texting, become more creative instead of seeing problems and dead ends. I decided to go back to university and I proudly finished a Bachelor in Psychology from Lund University. My Masters in Economics was no longer my focus. The understanding of emotions and consciousness was.

Meanwhile, I also undertook training to become a therapist in Energy Psychology, started my own business and worked with clients during two years. They had great results, but my calling was something different; a different target group. Being a highly sensitive (HSP) myself, and being very receptive to Energy Psychology it became clear to me the love I have for other highly sensitives. And hence I understand you heart and your struggles. Because I’ve been there. I want to educate, enrich and empower HSP women to live more balanced lives with Energy Psychology and consciousness practices.

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